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Hyatt Hotels Corporation, commonly known as Hyatt, is an American multinational hospitality company headquartered in the Riverside Plaza area of Chicago that manages and franchises luxury and business hotels, resorts, and vacation properties.

An angry visitor said this in a review "I checked in to the Hyatt Regency Dubai at midnight after arriving by plane. This hotel had a ridiculously loud alarm noise/ buzzing noise in my room which made it impossible to use. I complained twice, the person answering simply said "oh" and refused to fix it or move my room. After an hour I simply checked out and had to find and book another hotel in the city. I asked for a refund on the room I did not use at all and reception said: "No, once you pay, you pay, even if you don't show up you are still charged." The policy of no refunds should not extend to when the room is unusable. I paid for a hotel room and could not use it. We attempted to resolve this with Hyatt and had no luck whatsoever. They refuse to refund a room which was unusable and I was checked into for only an hour, never using any facilities. Shameful. Complete scam. Avoid at all costs".


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Former Employee - Gallery Host says

"Low staff unorganized dirty unsanitary"

Former Employee - General Maintenance Tech says

"International staff are mistreated, deadlines are unrealistic. If you're not in management you're treated like a disposable servant. If you prefer not to be berated, don't apply."

Former Employee - Intern says

"They don’t train properly. The train is trash!!! No one wants to train. So be prepared to be handed off someone who isn't interested in teaching you, so that person will rush or briefly tell you how to do something without a proper walkthrough. If you ask them to show you how to navigate specific systems, they will show frustrations and say they are not always going to be here to walk you through life? The moment you ask for clarity, they will say we will revisit but never do! Only a few will tell you to come to them at any time with questions, But when you hold them to it, they will say they can't recall. Make you feel as if you were a bothersome ( That happened so much ) Then when you make a mistake, you get pulled in the office over something they didn’t train! They get so annoying and point the blame and tell you should have enforced it when they didn’t teach you! They will flip the situation and make it seem like they did train when they didn't. They can do much better with the level of training and interaction with the team. It's so much tension. No one wanted to work with people on various projects they were assigned if you are an intern they worry about personal life more then your growth and goals. I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone else!!!"

Former Employee - Front Desk Agent says

"Treated poorly, lack of respect, racist and discriminating comments from management"

Former Employee - Legal Associate says

"Company puts on a great front but does not practice what they claim: all about how it appears"

Former Employee - Guest Service Associate says

"Unhealthy snacks/drinks Sitting all day Monotonous Mind-numbing repetitive tasks"

Current Employee - Gallery Host says

"People Suck all the time here"

Former Employee - Server says

"Bad management , and discrimination between seniors and new people."

Former Employee - Guest Service Associate says

"Extremely catty Directors Management and HR Directors"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Discrimination and unbiased towards women. I am someone with an excellent proffessional background. The manangement does not know how to project and use the skills of those they hire. There was a lack of management and half of time there were no guidance. They pretend to have trained you. The supervisor/manager was not present for first few months. When went on board, did not know how to manage the new staff. Favored the men and blatantly outcasted the female in the group. The higher management pretty much isolate you from the rest of the group and confuse you on what you want done. I clearly asked what they wanted done and they turn around and lie that you didn't do the job. When they asked you not to proceed with the project initially. Should have reported to HR. They need to take a look at management and be aware of unethical behaviors. That department will not progress with how they run it. There is also harrassment as manager multiple times had a meltdown and was screaming on top of his voice towards this employee."

Hyatt place hotel (Former Employee) says

"Two manager in front desk was mind to me I was the supervisor and them fired the manager with out notice they started paid me salary and they was calling me Every day 7 days and paid me only 40 hours o e day they told me to fired all employees with out good paper because I complained they fired me Bad paid and bad general managerNo good to said about this place"

Gallery Host (Former Employee) says

"I worked there for about a year and HATED IT. I complained to HR / Corporate about the working environment and nothing was done about it. No one did their job and it always feel back on my shift. I don’t recommend. You will be miserable"

Waiter/Server (Former Employee) says

"Basically the management decisions are based on favorite people and racist and prejudices on my ethnicity and I have more experiences than all the people I work with and I know 100% more than them when it comes to my city's business and hospitality Rooms staysManager"

Guest Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"My termination is completely unfair compared to the stories I've heard form the restaurant. There was no manager on duty for over an hour in either the front desk or restaurant, but thats not the department my manager covers regularly, its not mine either but the hotel and restaurant are worthless front to back. Mostly because the front desk manager is a lazy bum that never actually stays at the front desk or even near it! A server in the restaurant shoulda been fired long before me for cussing out his manager and refusing to do his assigned job. I did my job duties and then some every day! The one day theres no manager around and a loud, ghetto, guest got personal with me and tried to fight me after I politely asked him to stop blaring his music speaker in our bar. NO MANAGERS FOR OVER AN HOUR! A few months after i was terminated the GM of the hotel got fired for stealing and the restaurant manager got fired because she wouldn't show up to work and lose money on opening contracts/closing sales. The HR is by far the worst, she puts on a fake smile for you but never really cares how youre doing, she also shows up late to work, and the hypocritical b1tch would write up the best employees in the hotel for 2-minute tardies. I wouldnt wish this job on my worst enemy. The pay is garbage for how you get treated by the guests. The place prides itself on how its the only full service hotel in SCV and yet they are so ghetto! You can get a room from hotels tonight for like $90. The building has had pest problems in the past and the entire time i worked there from my firstFree lunch when there was something edible, got diarrhea most of the timeeverything"

Sales Consultant (Current Employee) says

"The DOS at the new Hyatt in Mississauga is very biased and political. She has her own cliques and will favor those people. Poor leadership.No knowledge.New HotelHorrible DOS"

Housekeeper DT (designated Trainer) says

"It’s pretty much like high school at Hyatt. You either fit in with a clique and get treated amazing or you don’t and you are overlooked all the time no matter how hard of a worker you are. The management staff from the top all the way down never have the safety or best interest of their employees in mind with any situation and always show favoritism towards ones they know outside of work so if your not willing to party it up with them outside of work your pretty much invisible at work sadly. Most managers don’t last long I think the longest I’ve seen a manager stick around in any certain department may have been a year and a half and if a guest complains about something (ex:not having certain items in their room that wasn’t ordered on the management part) then we get blamed and yelled at for it even tho we have no control over ordered items . When we are understaffed due to them making the schedule wrong or any other reason then we are suppose to do a double work load and skip lunch plus try to be done on time so no overtime has to be accumulated which is almost impossible when doing double the work. In short, unless your a robot with no life and no kids this is not the job for you.."

Front Desk Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"Hourly employees protested and walked out of properties in housekeeping. Job duties of housekeeping placed on front desk associates. No career path given after working for extended period of time cover for different departments. Associates make minimum wage pay for a lot of work. Entry Level Managers paid base after years of experience and asked to do additional work.Location of Property for GuestsNo Job Security and Room for Advancement"

Banquet Captain (Former Employee) says

"Toxic environment. Sub standard management. Horrible disregard for human resources principles. Rampant bullying Poor communication. inconsistent schedules Na"

Banquet Server (Part-time) says

"Worst management. Dont care about employees at all. Treat you like dirt and walk all over you after yelling at you. Try to embarrass employees in front of co-workers. HR ignores all problems. They put making money over employee breaks and well being. Provide uniformsBad Management, breaks are hard to get, toxic workplace"

In-Room-Dinnig Service Agent (Former Employee) says

"Unorganized company management. The managers at every department were selfish, lazy and stupid. They fired over 300 people when the pandemic started. No responsibility in the company.nonno benefit"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Company management, led by CEO Mark H., puts political and social agendas over hotels. In 2016/17 they changed breakfast program, eliminating many items people loved and implementing foods that were “tested” in a few cities. When customers complained, hotels were punished for not “properly implementing”, instead of listening to customers. Company openly suppresses conservative voices, banning multiple conservative websites from company computers, and they refused to allow republicans to host a convention at their hotel. Overall the company claims “inclusiveness”, but only if you have the same beliefs. Employee discounts on travel, food at workLimited hotels to travel too, bad work/life balance, only certain views are permitted"

Front Desk Night Auditor (Current Employee) says

"I am almost at a year with the company. Management needs a lot of work,, when it comes to professionalism & leadership. The tools to perform the job well are not provided for the workers. Mistakes turn into write ups instead of a learning opportunity.night audit is a pretty calm shiftmostly everything about the job"

Gallery Host (Current Employee) says

"Management picks and chooses rules based on who is working. Sometimes you're allowed to sit, sometimes you are threatened with being fired. You are expected to work 8 hour shifts without a lunch break. You will get in trouble for going to the bathroom. You will be asked to do questionable things in the sake of having rooms paid for.Hotel ExperienceNo breaks, bad management, long shifts, low pay"

Housekeeping (Former Employee) says

"working at the Columbus branch managers and supervisors are horrible and they cannot keep employees because the environment is so terrible. Don’t do it. I worked for them for nearly a year and I was treated like pure S**t towards the end of my experience."

Events/ Sales Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Very, very, very toxic work environment. The office consist of two clicks the have and the have knots. you would want to be apart of the have because they get advancement and special privileges. Also not diverse at all only one black person in the office and the whole office treats that person like their a foreign object."

Assistant Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Some days were better than others but there was not room for growth. Maybe working at another hotel will have a better experience.... there is not work life balance working in housekeeping. Hotel just passes all of the customer surveys ***the bad ones*** off on housekeeping. Seemed like kinder care to me"

Front Desk Clerk (Former Employee) says

"I was hired as only a front desk agent but ended up being the bartender, the chef, the engineer. You end up getting paid a little to no money and overwhelming responsibilities. No management or team member encouragement. Very little training."

Housekeeper (Current Employee) says

"Have none it is what it is I've been off work for 3 months they have offered me nothing I didn't even qualify for there Hyatt incentiveno due to Covid"

Front Desk Agent/Night Auditor (Current Employee) says

"The manger nately nun is a bully and and her and Sharon mistreats they workers and talk to you like a dog. They doors doesn’t lock at not the kitchen is molded and dirty it’s not a very good work environment and very underpaid"

Director of Housekeeping (Former Employee) says

"was really toxic working there and finally try a different company and I learn to Thrive and feel included. My manager was hostile and really didnt appreciate you as a manager despite of the 16 hours a day put in."

Rashid Hameed says

"Hyatt Hotels Reports are that Hilton refused to allow people in town for the Million Maga March to stay at the Capitol Hilton in Washington DC, even if they had already checked in. Hyatt Hotels (and other brands including Andaz, Alila, Thompson Hotels, Exhale Spa & Fitness, joie de vivre hotels, Destination Hotels) - Refuses to rent premises to conservative groups that they conveniently label "hate groups". Openly supports the Marxist hate group Black Lives Matter, actively promotes the media/ democrat lie of "systemic racism" in America. Hires, promotes and retains employees based on "diversity" instead of simply qualifications. Has vowed to make purchases from minority-owned businesses, especially black-owned businesses, thus discriminating against businesses owned by people of other skin pigmentations. We recommend Motel 6 for cheap stays. Book a Trump resort or Sands owned stay if you're in Vegas."

Bri says

"This company is the most unprofessional hotel company I have ever visited. Although our booking confirmation stated the Hyatt Place Dallas/North Arlington/Grand Prairie provides breakfast, they failed to do so yet this change was not reflected in our balance (see photo attached). When we arrived to the property garbage was literally overflowing at the front door leading to the check in desk. We arrived to our room and things did not get any better. The refrigerator didn’t work, there were no linens available for the pull out couch, the phone on the room didn’t work, and the a/c only (barely)worked when you put the “fan on” option. It was so miserably hot, one of my children with eczema had a flare up. I asked the front desk staff if we could move rooms, they did not honor this request. Around 1217 a.m. the toilet in the room overflowed and poured urine and feces all over the bathroom floor and bled onto the carpet. The manager arrived at our door with a bucket and plunger and stated “he was the only one on staff and needed to get back to the front desk.” He acted as if Hepatitis isn’t a thing and like we were certified plumbers or employees of Hyatt. I immediately called customer service. George called the manager to have him move our rooms. It took him 3+ calls to get the ma shart and he asked if I could walk downstairs to “see if he was there” 😳. This could’ve been avoided as I requested to move rooms due to all of our other complaints hours before and obviously they had rooms available. The next room we arrived in reeked of a mildew odor. The next day we checked out and were told we’d be contacted by the general manager... over 192 hours later that did not happen. I followed up today and because I booked through T-Mobile and not Hyatt directly, I will not receive a refund! In short, RUN do not walk away from doing business with this sketchy organization."

Dan Williams says

"The Hyatt Hires Violent Ex-Con's to Watch Over It's Guest as They SLEEP ! People Like ME, a 4 time Convicted Violent Psychopath That They "VETTED & HIRED" to Run a Hyatt at Night For 41 Months & With Keys to EVERYTHING !!! Want to learn more ? Then Contact Me for the Whole TRUTH at ; 775-283-8019 DON'T TRUST THE HYATT WITH THE SAFETY OR YOU OR YOUR FAMILY ...Stay Safe"

Lady Glow Official says

"I visited HYATT PLACE CITY VIEW... IN FT WORTH TEXAS. I went to to reserve room for 1 night. Hotel stay was only for a weekend stay getaway. I honestly had a fantastic time loved the location and they layout of the room. I was very pleased with the service as we arrived and checked in. All the way to checking out until I noticed we had a suspicious CHARGE on our receipt for movies services. Let me start off by saying that there's NO WAY POSSIBLE for that charge because we checked in put our stuff away and headed to MAIN EVENT til 8:30pm from the time we checked in after 3pm. As soon as we got back all my children took showers are brushed their teeth then played with their prizes for a bit then off to bed. My husband and I did same. We watched channel 7 news.... Which was on regular TV. So I don't know how there could even be a charge of $26.99 when I called back up there to speak with someone about it. I was told that there's nothing they can do it's built into the room package. I'm soooooo UPSET. THIS WAS SUPPOSE TO BE A FUN LABOR DAY WEEKEND. I called and asked to speak to manager and was told they would call me back but NOTHING. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE REMOVE THIS CHARGE."

Jasper says

"Bad customer service. Juliana from reservations is rude and unhelpful."

Respect my privacy says

"Problems at Hyatt Lynchburg, Jacksonville and Greenville. Good thing there's a couch in room beds all sprayed with toxic chemicals. Jacksonville....tampered with suitcase and food tampering. Maid?"

Graham Patterson says

"A very disturbing situation took place at the Tulsa Hyatt Regency Hotel a few days ago. I was visiting my mom in Oklahoma when a big storm blew part of the roof off their house. We needed to find a place to stay until the damage was repaired and my dad (who is currently based in California) booked a room for us at the Hyatt Regency in Tulsa. We didn’t know how many days we would need there, so he was booking one night at a time. We had already been there two nights and extended for a third night on the day that the following events occurred. On the third day, in the morning, my dad booked the room again. He confirmed with us that we had an additional night there. My mom went to the house to meet with contractors so I was in the hotel room alone. I may have usually gone with her, but I had a Zoom meeting scheduled with my regional boss. I was near the end of our meeting when I received a call on the hotel telephone. I answered and was asked what my name was and said Graham Patterson. I was told I wasn't listed on the room, and I said, ohhh, then it is probably my Dad or Mom, both of whose last names are Patterson, who were on the reservation. The guy on the phone, who I would later discover was Brian, told me that I needed to come down immediately because I was not allowed to be in the hotel. I told him we had been guests for two nights already, and that I just needed to finish a 5-10 minute call with my boss and would then come down to figure it out. He said if I didn't come down immediately he would send security to bring me down. I was kind of in shock but said OK, and got back on the Zoom call in order to wrap it up. Before I knew it there was a knock on the door and it was a security guard who said I needed to leave the room and come with him immediately. I told him I was on the phone with my work, but he said I needed to go right away. I quickly said goodbye to my boss and started recording what was happening because this all seemed so insane and unnecessary. I followed the security guard down to the registration desk and on the way asked his name, which he refused to provide. When we got to the registration desk, Brian saw that I was recording and said that if I didn't stop he would call the cops and report that I was trespassing. As an aside, I would also like to note that he wasn't wearing a mask - but that is the least of my worries. He picked up the phone and dialed, at which point I said, ok, I will stop filming. I stopped filming and put my phone down, but he stayed on the phone and I told him again that I had stopped recording, which is what he asked me to do, and he said he didn't care that I was still trespassing. I repeated that I had been a guest for two nights and that the reservation was in my parent's name, and that they could easily be contacted to figure it out and he said he didn't care and stayed on the phone. I said I would be reporting this to the Hyatt Corporate and he finally put the phone down and said he had to help another person and I needed to wait. I was waiting for a few minutes, during which time I discreetly began recording audio. At some point a woman who was at the front desk said she could help me. I was explaining to her what happened and said that I would be reporting Brian to Hyatt Corporate because he acted so unprofessionally at which point he said "I could give a $%^&" - all of this is on the recording. I questioned whether that was considered good customer service and asked him to repeat what he said, at which point he flipped me off while smiling and walking backwards to a back room. I called my dad three times and he didn’t pick up. I explained again that he was in California and probably at work still. I called my mom and she answered. I explained what had happened, and eventually the woman who was helping (Caroline) asked the security guard to escort me back to the room. My dad was eventually contacted and verified that I was staying there."

Paul Franks says

"Hyatt Regency in Sydney Australia Just under 10 days ago I posted my dissatisfaction with this hotel And guess what no response to my comments to date I suggest all travel agents need to distance themselves from this hotel outlet"

J Holand says

"Got scammed via a third party vendor Hyatt uses to fill rooms called Cancelon. Received room confirmation and day later received notice the rate was now not being honored due to Kentucky Derby date moved. Hotel refused to honor booking and blamed Cancelon. Sites like Cancelon and are great when they fill rooms - but if something goes wrong, Hyatt washes their hands. Done with Hyatt hotels..."

Brian James Mullinix says

"Hyatt Corporate absolutely refused to be reasonable, accountable or even present regarding my dire circumstances in New Orleans. HYATT REGENCY NEW ORLEANS (23 floors and 700 rooms) HAS NO MANAGER ON DUTY ON SUNDAY! You are forced to deal with unempowered underlings (who try their best despite a crappy situation) that cannot make a decision regarding customer satisfaction."

Cheryl says

"Hyatt Palm Springs do not stay there horrible hotel and dirty. Stayed last July wrote a review 8 months ago they are now just responding. They can not address or help unless I have my confirmation number or email they expect I would of kept after all this time. What a joke of customer service. Stay anywhere else."

Ashley Stewart says

"I stay at the Hyatt place multiple times a month. I will honestly say that they don’t have the best interest of their customers. When I stayed last night my significant other physically assaulted me! I called 911 and locked myself in the hotel room to ensure I remained safe. The manager on duty saw my visiable bruises, bleeding under my eye, and heard the video of him physically assaulting me while I was on the phone with 911. I expressed to the manager that I felt safe In the room with the door locked so he couldn’t get to me while I waited on the police. The manager then said that I would have to LEAVE the room because it was in his name! Again, the video of him assaulting me has his face in it... but they WERE NOT CONCERNED ABOUT THR VICTIM OF A DOMESTIC VIOLENCE SITUATION! I Have NEVER been in a situation like this before and I honestly feared for my life! I explained this to the Manager on duty and the security guard, and NEITHER ONE OF THEM WOULD HEAR MY CRY FOR HELP!!!!! Instead they MADE ME LEAVE THE ROOM! I was then told to go downstairs, neither of them were beside me to ensure that my safety was a concern! INSTEAD THEY LEFT ME ALONE AND ALLOWED HIM TO COME DOWNSTAIRS AND TAUNT ME, YELL AT ME AND THEY DID NOTHING!!! I believe this is a very alarming situation where management should have PROPER TRAINING in regards to situations like this. I didn’t feel safe, nor protected and the manager and the security guard both made me feel like I wasn’t a victim..: nor were they concerned about my well being! I was absolutely shocked and broken hearted at the LACK of support and safety provided by the Hyatt Place! I called customer service and again was made to feel like I was the problem. They were only concerned about if I had made a police report. Yes, I filed a report.... that isn’t the issue at hang. The issue at hand is the Hyatt Place doesn’t take domestic violence seriously, they do not protect the victim whom is their paying customer and they allow the abuser to come back into close quarters with the victim! My bruises were evident, the blood on my face was very clear and I was left with other NO protection or help! It’s very sad and I will never stay at the Hyatt or hotels affiliated with the Hyatt again!"

Margogo2010 says

"My family and I stayed at Hyatt on Mac Davis Lane in Lubbock Texas for one night 9/12/20 and one night 9/18. We’ve stayed here in the past, several times because they are dog friendly. This place has definitely gone down hill since we stayed here last: 3/2020. So maybe it’s the pandemic. 1 person staff for entire hotel. Young and overwhelmed. Our shower didn’t drain but some had it worse. One lady stayed at counter forever awaiting a call from manager about her toilet not working. She was told to use downstairs bathroom. I personally stood at front desk with several others just needing a fork. A simple “ I’ll be right with you or what do you need” would have been nice. Most people just walked away. My family and I have decided to NEVER stay there again."

Jeff Harris says

"I LOVE the Hyatt brand, and have for over 20 years. Recently their customer-facing programs have taken a turn for the worse. First was the loyalty program. Went from a nice, easy to understand 3 tier program to a complicated 4 tier program with the worst name and branding you can imagine. I'm a 'globalist'... who wants to be a globalist?? What were they thinking? More recently I've noticed big changes to the mobile and website which have dramatically reduced it's simplicity for a frequent traveler like myself. Seems like they are trying an upsell and add more confusion through the booking path. Whatever consultant you hired to 'increase' your revenue, fire them immediately! Amazing how much better Hilton is now than Hyatt, when they used to be competitive in the online world just two years ago. I still generally like Hyatt's brands more but the changes are just enough for me to start to shop around." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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