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Hyatt Hotels Corporation, commonly known as Hyatt, is an American multinational hospitality company headquartered in the Riverside Plaza area of Chicago that manages and franchises luxury and business hotels, resorts, and vacation properties.

An angry visitor said this in a review "I checked in to the Hyatt Regency Dubai at midnight after arriving by plane. This hotel had a ridiculously loud alarm noise/ buzzing noise in my room which made it impossible to use. I complained twice, the person answering simply said "oh" and refused to fix it or move my room. After an hour I simply checked out and had to find and book another hotel in the city. I asked for a refund on the room I did not use at all and reception said: "No, once you pay, you pay, even if you don't show up you are still charged." The policy of no refunds should not extend to when the room is unusable. I paid for a hotel room and could not use it. We attempted to resolve this with Hyatt and had no luck whatsoever. They refuse to refund a room which was unusable and I was checked into for only an hour, never using any facilities. Shameful. Complete scam. Avoid at all costs".


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Laura says

"I booked this hotel (I usually use Hilton) because it was convenient to attend my son's wedding ceremony at the Nature Riverwalk and Stella Barra Restaurant. We valeted the and since I had a wedding present in the trunk asked the attendant, Gene, if the present was safe. He said yes, everything in the car is safe. Then we checked into the room and didn't take a shower because the bathtub had globs of white stuff all over it and some hair. The room is small and the view was not worth what we paid. So, we went to the ceremony and came back to the hotel where we found no wipes in the container. We did mention this, but by morning they still hadn't replenished the wipes. We asked for the car, Gene brought it up and off we were to the dinner. On the way back from the dinner, $3 was taken out of my little black and white coin purse to give to Gene. I keep this in my car all the time, but I usually only have $2 in change for incidental parking. Today, because of the wedding I put about $300 in cash to cover tips, etc. I put the coin purse on the console and my friend (in the back seat due to social distancing) and I exited the car. We exited the car and gave Gene his tip and some water because he was working outside. The next morning I was going to buy some coffee but the coin purse was not in my bigger purse. Because I usually leave the coin purse in the car, I went downstairs and had them bring my car around. Guess what? The coin purse was gone, the money was gone and I was furious. I thought it would be safe because Gene said things in my car were safe. I talked to the GM of the hotel and he wrote out an incident report and said the security cameras would be reviewed at my request. It's 4 days later and a phone call later where Drew (the GM) was unavailable, I have heard nothing from the hotel. Chicago Valet Service called me and said because I had not declared the coin purse, they were not responsible. I was told by he service the tapes would be reviewed and they would get back to me. Nothing! Nada! As a matter of fact, the guy from the service who called me asked me if I had a black car? He said he talked to the attendants on duty and they, of course, had no idea what happened. Gene was the one who parked my car, so I was told. I said no, you must have the wrong information. He asked me what kind of car and I told him. How could he have investigated the situation when he had the wrong car? The reviews for this valet service are not good. I wish I would have looked at those before valeting my car. I was not told that street parking was free over the Labor Day weekend. Hmmm. That was an important bit of information not told to me. I did file a police report but I'm not hopeful that I will see my coin purse or money. I'm grateful that I had no credit cards or other identification in the car that could be compromised. The bottom line. I will never use Hyatt Hotels again. The room was expensive and I was ripped off. I will never trust a valet who tells me things are safe and I will make double sure that I remove anything of value. I take responsibility of trusting the wrong people. Do yourself a favor and go to another hotel and park your car yourself if you can. This was a huge lesson learned for an elderly lady who still believes in honor and morals. Shame on Hyatt for using such a shady valet company. I will note that the GM of the hotel reimbursed my valet parking fee, but is not a person with good follow up."

Former Employee - Gallery Host says

"Low staff unorganized dirty unsanitary"

Hyatt place hotel (Former Employee) says

"Two manager in front desk was mind to me I was the supervisor and them fired the manager with out notice they started paid me salary and they was calling me Every day 7 days and paid me only 40 hours o e day they told me to fired all employees with out good paper because I complained they fired me Bad paid and bad general managerNo good to said about this place"

Lady Glow Official says

"I visited HYATT PLACE CITY VIEW... IN FT WORTH TEXAS. I went to to reserve room for 1 night. Hotel stay was only for a weekend stay getaway. I honestly had a fantastic time loved the location and they layout of the room. I was very pleased with the service as we arrived and checked in. All the way to checking out until I noticed we had a suspicious CHARGE on our receipt for movies services. Let me start off by saying that there's NO WAY POSSIBLE for that charge because we checked in put our stuff away and headed to MAIN EVENT til 8:30pm from the time we checked in after 3pm. As soon as we got back all my children took showers are brushed their teeth then played with their prizes for a bit then off to bed. My husband and I did same. We watched channel 7 news.... Which was on regular TV. So I don't know how there could even be a charge of $26.99 when I called back up there to speak with someone about it. I was told that there's nothing they can do it's built into the room package. I'm soooooo UPSET. THIS WAS SUPPOSE TO BE A FUN LABOR DAY WEEKEND. I called and asked to speak to manager and was told they would call me back but NOTHING. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE REMOVE THIS CHARGE."

Former Employee - General Maintenance Tech says

"International staff are mistreated, deadlines are unrealistic. If you're not in management you're treated like a disposable servant. If you prefer not to be berated, don't apply."

Gallery Host (Former Employee) says

"I worked there for about a year and HATED IT. I complained to HR / Corporate about the working environment and nothing was done about it. No one did their job and it always feel back on my shift. I don’t recommend. You will be miserable"

Jasper says

"Bad customer service. Juliana from reservations is rude and unhelpful."

Former Employee - Intern says

"They don’t train properly. The train is trash!!! No one wants to train. So be prepared to be handed off someone who isn't interested in teaching you, so that person will rush or briefly tell you how to do something without a proper walkthrough. If you ask them to show you how to navigate specific systems, they will show frustrations and say they are not always going to be here to walk you through life? The moment you ask for clarity, they will say we will revisit but never do! Only a few will tell you to come to them at any time with questions, But when you hold them to it, they will say they can't recall. Make you feel as if you were a bothersome ( That happened so much ) Then when you make a mistake, you get pulled in the office over something they didn’t train! They get so annoying and point the blame and tell you should have enforced it when they didn’t teach you! They will flip the situation and make it seem like they did train when they didn't. They can do much better with the level of training and interaction with the team. It's so much tension. No one wanted to work with people on various projects they were assigned if you are an intern they worry about personal life more then your growth and goals. I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone else!!!"

Waiter/Server (Former Employee) says

"Basically the management decisions are based on favorite people and racist and prejudices on my ethnicity and I have more experiences than all the people I work with and I know 100% more than them when it comes to my city's business and hospitality Rooms staysManager"